If you have a question or comment about our service, feel free to send us an email. A lot of questions are answered in our FAQ.

Corporate Usage

We are happy to work with non-marketing companies wherever possible. Please email us with your requirements - we may not even charge for access!

API Support

We're always happy to help. Do you have a suggestion for our API? Even better!

Comment Removal

Sorry, due to strict laws defining what is a publisher, author, or distributor, we cannot modify or remove any comments once they are listed. You are welcome to respond to the negative comments. All comments are IP logged, and we are happy to assist law enforcement in the case of libel being posted. We are only a distributor, and as such, are not liable for any libel that may be posted.

Residential Listing Removal

Please read the instructions below carefully, as failure to read the instructions may result in processing delays

Please make sure you include the full phone number (including state area code) in the email. Also ensure you send the email from a personal email account, we do not accept anonymous opt-out requests. Let us know whether you would like the name and address, or address only removed. We only accept requests from individuals with the same surname as the current listing. Requests can take over a week to process - sending multiple/daily emails will not speed up the process, and only acts to slow down requests for other people.

Business Listing Change/Removal

Please read the instructions below carefully, as failure to follow the guidelines will result in your email being ignored

We will not change or remove business listings for any reason. If the listing includes a mobile number, we will remove the address only. All changes to business details are made from our data sources periodically throughout the year. As a business, you are welcome to leave comments on your listing to inform your customers of any changes.