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  • amber
    August 14, 2012
    Debt Collector
    United States
    Guy named Kevin Caledonia me from this number saying they are filing a compliant against me in my county. Scam!!!!

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  • Dawn
  • t2114
    Just got a call saying they have a case against me in my county and that a summons will be issued for me to appear in court if I ignore their call. My credit report is clean and I just bought house so I have no clue of who these people are.
    This B***H named Kelly called my house and cell phone mutiple times! She was very rude. I told her That I knew that this was a scam and to stop calling my phone before I get the proper officials involved. The B***h was mad and hung up, never heard from that TRAMP again!  NO YOUR RIGHTS!
  • charlie
    My daughter called to tell me that a Jessica called from this number and told her that I needed to call Jessica because they are going to take me to court...... This is BS calling my daughter!!!
  • Tom Regan
    this person called me trying to tell me that there was a cival action against me for wrining bad checks and I have checks
  • Sam
    Just got a call on both my cell and home phone, seconds apart. I don't answer numbers I don't recognize, so if they want me, they need to leave a message.  Judging from other reports about this number, I'm glad I didn't pick it up.  I got hit by these idiots a few months ago, and they tried to tell me they wanted my address so they could serve me papers about the charges being filed against me.  They messed with the wrong person - I happen to know a bit about the collection process - at least the LEGAL collection process.  These people are *not* legal or legitimate in any way. First:  If you owe a legitimate debt, and the company is trying to sue you,  THEY WILL NOT CALL TO TELL YOU THEY ARE SERVING PAPERS....they will just show up.  Have you ever known a process server to call his target first??  It doesn't happen. They show up at your door, they don't call first. That should be your first hint that these people are scammers. Second: If you've *ever* taken out a payday advance loan from an online company, that's probably what this is about - even if you paid off the loan.  These companies buy old files from the payday lenders for pennies on the dollar and then attempt to scare the consumer into thinking they owe more money on this old loan.  I had a loan over 3 years ago during a hard time and paid it off when the time came to do so - then 3 years later, I get a call from these bottom-feeding scum suckers, screaming into the phone and telling me I was trying to circumvent the law (boy that was funny), claiming they wanted my address or they'd show up at my work.  I told them to try....I'd have an attorney and the county deputies waiting for them.  I also asked them why they wanted my home and work addresses - if they had all the info they claim to have, they should have that as well. Don't let these people scare you.  If you owe a legitimate debt, they should be willing to send you verification of it by mail - you won't get them to do that either - they'll claim they're going to hand you papers in person - they're not.

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