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  • melissa on 651-808-8444
    You know a person is messed up when they have a retarded looking tattoo on their face, and that's...
  • kesha on 404-988-6695
    he a good client of mines now i seen him 3 times and he paid 400 each time
  • Guy on 512-354-4859
    Called me twice with no voicemails left either time. Usually when I google a number I can always...
  • becky on 800-746-8441
    Presumptious jerks. "How are you today." no consideration as to if it's a convenient time for you...
  • dee oakes on 888-618-9108
    we check our 93 yr old moms bank account now and then and found recently she had a web payt to...

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  • Stephanie
    Yup...same one from June that posted.
    I'm waiting for the time they call just after 9pm or something (that'd be hilarious). They have called just before.
    I know I owe. I'm paying. STOP HARASSING ME ALREADY!!!
    Seriously every other hour is a bit excessive...and never leaves a voicemail!!
    It's rediculous!
  • Molly
  • Jenni
    They call here all the time. I don't owe money to a medical office so I quit answering. Sometimes they call and let it ring once and hang up.
  • Mrs
    They call and leave a plain message to return the call but don't say anything more. I just got my number a few months ago so I get calls for the wrong people all the time. So I changed my greeting to "this is the voice mail for (mine and my husband's names), so if you're calling for someone with a different name do not loeave a message. Since then they've stopped leaving messages but call more frequently. Yesterday they called 3 times and today they've already called once starting at 8:15am
  • Steve
    Collection company.  Refused to accept my $20 due to the minimum they accept being $25.  Argued this point with me.
  • Lori
    Collection company.  I send a payment in every two weeks (least amount $50, most I've sent is $275)for a $17000 hospital bill, but they want the entire amount paid in full.  I keep telling them I can't afford any more. They have stated that they are going to garnish my wages and will get 70%.  I told them if they did, they would force me to quit my job and find a new one.  Now they have started calling my 15 year old daughter on her cell phone.

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